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Total: € 980.00

Capri bell

Capri bell

Capri Charme continues to invest and believe in Vietri sul Mare and specifically in Vietri ceramics which, as everyone knows, represent one of the excellence of Made in Italy. Given the success of the 2020 ceramic line due to the sale of room diffusers and scented candles in Vietri ceramics, the Brand has decided to focus on the creation and reinterpretation of an iconic Capri product: the Capri bell, which in addition to being known for the legend of the Capri bell of San Michele as a good luck charm, in the new ceramic version it is also perfect as home decoration or home decoration ideas. There will be four variants of the bell depicting the inimitable Faraglioni of Capri in four colors and the iconic Blue Grotto also in four colors. In addition there will also be two further variations in an elegant Majolica painting in navy blue and Pompeian red. But we are confident given the positive feedback from our customers that in the future other new variants will arrive ...

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