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How to clean and take care of your wicker bag

How to clean and take care of your wicker bag

Capri Charme in this article wants to give simple but useful tips on how to clean and take care of your wicker bag.

Bag care:

1) Do not store the bag for long periods in places exposed to sunlight but also artificial light.

2) Avoid wearing the bag when it rains or it can get wet and if it gets wet, make sure to dry it immediately with a microfibre cloth.

3) Keep the bag away from heat sources

4) When the bag is stored for long periods, fill it with tissue paper or bubble wrap plastic.

5) Store the bag in its dust bag.

6) While wearing the bag, do not fill it with very heavy objects to avoid its deformation.

Bag cleaning:

1) Clean with a microfibre cloth.

2) Brush the bag using a soft bristle brush.

3) Sanitize the bag using a soft cloth slightly wet with mild soap or milk.

With these little tricks you can make your wonderful wicker bag last for a long time and remember that if after several years the wicket should slightly darken it is due to the oxidation effect of the wicker, but don't worry, because this natural process "gives the bag of particular irregular shades of color that however give the bag a touch of vintage and lived "that will make your wicker bag even more fascinating!"

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