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The best models of handbags for summer 2019

The best models of handbags for summer 2019

Why wait you’re at the beach to wear the bags in marrow of the summer 2019? 
Fashion trends speak clearly: Straw bags are at the heart of your city looks. They take the place of usual bags worn in every occasion, from the most informal up to ceremonies and weddings. A trend crowned by street style fashion - which creates pairings with summer 2019 urban casual outfit-proof handbags - but that take the cue from past style icons as Jane birkin and Brigitte Bardot.
The trend in the city of wicker and rattan bags had already been anticipated by the spring / summer 2019 shows, above all by Jacquemus. Now the fashion of the summer 2019, seen through street style, suggests combinations to always unleash one of the must-have accessories of the moment. This season's rattan bags are for all the moods. They keep with you WHEREVER, becoming much more than classic beach bags!
Don't call them beach bags, ‘cause you can wear them also when you’re in the office with the 2019 fashion suit, or if you want to opt for a round one you can easily wear it for a drink with friends or a ride downtown. You will suddenly feel like being catapulted to Bali or lost in the Amazon jungle.
Whether you like the decorated rattan bags or the simple ones, focus on shoulder straps to be comfortable on the go, especially if you have an activity holiday. With the women's summer shorts from the 2019 summer fashion and a white shirt you create casual safari-style outfits to "recycle" in the city even when the holidays are over.
But now let's take a look at all the top models of summer 2019

Models of handbags
The shoulder strap is the bag that never goes out of fashion: comfortable to wear, it adapts to any time of the year, especially during the warm seasons, when you want to move with ease and dynamism. It is the ideal companion for walks ‘cause it can contain objects that you can't do without and it is practical, functional and so comfortable that - sometimes - you forget you have it. The model is not a novelty, it is a classic. This spring you will find shoulder straps made of less usual materials, such as straw, rattan, printed fabrics, etc.
The bucket bag is an evergreen, a classic piece of the female wardrobe, which this year is also declined with unusual rattan-type materials or with brightly patterned fabrics. Also known as a "bucket bag", these handbags are very roomy, comfortable and easy to wear. They are characterized by an elongated and at the same time elegant shape. The history of this bag is truly unique: in the 1930s, a Champagne producer turned to Louis Vuitton with the idea of making a bag that could hold five bottles. The success it had brought it to the present day: feminine, simple and functional, the bucket bag lends itself to all occasions.
This summer we will see many handbags: the handbag is the favorite accessory of all women. It is the classic bag that is used to go to work, take a walk or an aperitif: it is the so-called "day bag". It is usually quite spacious and tha’s the reason why it never fails in a woman's wardrobe! In this spring we will also have vintage allure bags. If you don't have this type of handbag, I suggest you take a ride on the website You can find real gems.
The inevitable shopper bags.  
Literally it means "bags for buying, shopping". They are capacious bags with which women have the opportunity to bring along everything they need. It is an excellent choice for those who are out all day for work and so need a large bag for tablets, agenda, notepads, make-up and emergency kit. This season you will find many large and capacious models of handbags in leather or fabric, that you can wear from morning till night. A recommendation on all: pay attention at  proportions and the type of bag you choos. Base your choice on your physicality.
Colors and characteristics of the handbags
Besides the classic black and white - always present -, the colors of the bags for this spring-summer are mostly pastel colors: powder pink, honey and nude rose.
Do not miss the classic cognac color that goes very well with the spicy colors proposed this season. If your undertone is warm it is a perfect combination!
These are colors that we associate with summer and that easily adapt to each of our items in the closet. The nuances are light and classy for a refined style that stands out, especially when paired with a straw hat or a silk scarf, which when tied to the shoulder strap of your wicker bag can give it a touch of more intense and original color. Certainly your unique style will not go unnoticed!
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