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The wicker bags from the 50s to today are worn by many simple and humble women but also by very famous ones. An example is the London actress Jane Birkin who wore a very spartan wicker bag during a day walk on the streets of London in the 60s. The way of carrying the bag in such a casual but at the same time elegant way convinced the most luxurious Hermes bag brand to name its most famous "Birkin" bag precisely to the charismatic actress. In the following years, other renowned stylists and brands also produced wicker bag models combined with precious materials and leathers, because they had sensed the enormous potential that was hidden behind this type of bag. This is why Capri Charme today wants to advise its customers and women in general who love wicker bags to dare safely in their outfits when they wear a Capri Charme bag. Because Capri Charme bags can be worn both during the day with non-engaging garments such as jeans, shirts, Capri sandals etc and with luxurious and elegant clothes in Macramè, Pizzo San Gallo, silk etc. Capri Charme invites you to be "The testimonials of your own Charm".

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