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Women's hats

Women's hats

In addition to its refined wicker bags, Capri Charme puts the same care and attention to detail in the other two departments of the Brand, that of the silk scarf and women's hats.

In this article Capri Charme wants to share with you the origins of the production of its romantic women's hats.

In Italy, in addition to the production of women's bags, famous and appreciated all over the world, there is another equally precious and attention to detail that is the production of natural straw made by hand.

The main Italian region where the best natural straw is produced and processed is the Marche. In this region and in particular in the town of Montappone there is the international district for the production of handmade natural straw hats for women.

In this delightful country full of healthy vegetation and scenic beauty, elderly craftsmen work by hand the natural straw by weaving it with a technique that has more than 70 years of history.

The natural straw of our hats is worked with the method of pressing cloche previously hand-woven and then crocheted. This typical processing born in Montappone is appreciated all over the world as the end result of this processing are resistant, shiny, but at the same time light, insulating women's hats with an extremely romantic and elegant design.

In addition, the Capri Charme women's hats feature the grosgrain silk band, a further detail desired by the Brand to embellish their hats and make them even more distinctive.

I think there is nothing else to add, or rather maybe you "Enjoy your unique Capri Charme women's hat!"

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