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Our Scarves

Our Scarves

In addition to its wicker bags, Capri Charme also sells exclusive 100% silk scarves. The scarves have unique prints as they represent four of the most evocative locations of the wonderful island of Capri, namely I Faraglioni, The Blue Grotto, La Piazzetta, and the port of Marina Grande. The style of the brush stroke used on the prints of the scarves is the impressionistic one that the famous painter Van Gogh used in his creations. While the material used for them is 100% silk twill from Como, an Italian city known for the quality of the silk it has been producing and exporting all over the world since the 16th century.

As with the wicker bags, Capri Charme also chose Italian excellence for the foulards category, such as the city of Como to produce its own scarves and this to remain coherent with the Brand's own DNA that aims to sell only " The Excellences of Made in Italy " and pursue its mission to expand them all over the world.

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